Increasing screen fps

the fps game i’m working on seems 2 hav an absolutely fabulous frame rate of 12 frames per sec according 2 fraps. currently it has 5 high poly models rendering on screen, 2 characters, 2 items & the map. collision with the ground is done using raytracing, the same way as the roaming ralph c++ example, while character collision with other parts of the map(e.g. walls) uses sphere instead of ray collision solid. character collision with items is done using ode geoms(its a requirement). throwing of items & jumping movement is simulated by adding velocities 2 ode bodies & updating model position according 2 the body positions. Pls suggest methods 2 improve the frames per sec, if possible give code examples in c++. Keep in mind tat its a fps genre game & tat i’m 2 programme in c++, & yes it happens 2 also be a requirement of this little project.

use pstats to figure out where you problem is.

wat must be done 2 enable pstat other than enabling it in Config.prc?

found out how 2 use pstat, looks like its the application tats lagging the program, how should i optimize it?

tats? you mean tasks?

You probably should cut down on the amount of for loops you have or dont do some stuff as often.

narrowed the prob down 2 ctrav, r there any ways 2 optimize ctrav other then reducing the loop count, coz stuff will start falling through the ground.

if i’m not completely wrong ctrav is responsible for the collision.
speeding up collisions is quite easy. use the egg-octree generator which was posted on the forum. it can speed up collisions literally hundrets of times.
using octree for collision is generally a good idea. if used on visible geometry it sometimes is beneficial there,too

Eggoctree should become part of panda3d its such a good tool and i am a bit dismayed why panda3d does not do this automatically.

is there an example of implementing and using the egg octree in c++? it will be easier 2 understand the concept of implementing it in a game(i’m not very familiar with python 2).

eggoctree is a tool that takes and egg and optimizes it for collisions then you just use the egg it generates for collisions and the egg you have now for display. The egg being your level. If your level is in many eggs you probably will have to optimize each one in that way.

where can i find the application? or must i compile the code myself, coz i cant find the the egg octree generater on the forum.

its there
it might be hard to use because you have to edit the code to put in your file

can u give me some instructions on how 2 use it. coz i dun understand how 2 modify the code 2 put in my file.