incorrect sRGB profile in egg2bam


I’m using the latest build (Panda3D-1.9.0-x64). When I convert an egg to a bam file, I get the following warning:
:pnmimage:png(warning): ICCP: known incorrect sRGB profile

It’s probably not a serious problem because the model looks okay after as a bam, but I’ve converted all model textures into an sRGB profile in Photoshop. So is there something I should add in the egg file ?

I tried:
… {
color-space { linear }

as suggested in
but this gives an error message : unsupported texture scalar: color-space


This isn’t a significant issue as Panda doesn’t really do much with the color profile information in PNG files, but this is just libpng telling you that your PNG file has an invalid ICC profile attached. This is a bug in the software you used to export the .png file; you could probably remedy this by exporting it differently or using a different program, or stripping the ICC profile from the .png file altogether.

Nevertheless, you can choose to simply ignore the error since the ICC profile information doesn’t have any impact on how Panda3D will render the model.

The color-space setting that you tried (it is still under development) has nothing to do with the PNG file having an incorrect color profile; at this moment, Panda3D does not read ICC profiles in PNG files (it would be pointless to do so, since modern graphics APIs still don’t have proper color management).

Okay, thanks.