Including 3rd party modules in p3d

I’m trying to build a .p3d file of my project. I need to include a 3rd party module - MySQLdb because my application utilizes data in a MySQL database. How can I add this module to my p3d file?

The specific warning message I get is:

Hi, i’ve experiment some troubles like this using PIL.
Use the switch "-p /usr/share/pyshared/PIL -s /usr/share/pyshared " when running packp3d correctly include the module into the .p3d

Ah, ok. I see those flags in “packp3d -h” now. Although I added what I thought were the correct folders (I’m on Windows 7, x64), it doesn’t seem to pick up the MySQLdb module still. What files are in your ‘pyshared’ folder? Is it the .egg file, the collection of .py & pyc files, or something else?

I don’t have a ‘pyshared’ directory but I suspect it’s similar to the ‘site-packages’ folder on Windows, maybe.

That trick won’t work if MySQLdb contains architecture-dependent modules. In the latter case, it’s probably easiest if we provided MySQLdb packages for you.

Oh, ok. Thanks for your help guys.

How should I go about requesting to get MySQLdb modules added to Panda?

File a bug report, and provide a link to the software. :slight_smile: