Importing modules into

Would it interfere in any way with the building of a distributable if I were to import additional modules into a “” file?

I’m contemplating adding a build-duration print-out to my setup-process, via importing and using “datetime” in my “” files. A quick experiment seems to indicate that it works–but I want to check that it doesn’t have some non-obvious untoward effect (such as interfering with module-freezing, or some such thing).

To be clear, what I have in mind is a “” that looks something like this:

from setuptools import setup

from datetime import datetime

now =

    # Options as usual here...

duration = - now
print ("\n\nBuild completed in:", duration)

As far as I know, you can put whatever you want in, as long as you actually call the setup() function. That’s one of the joys of it being a Python file.

Great! That’s very good to know. Thank you for the answer! :slight_smile: