import problem[solved]

Hello, by force of circunstances I had to switch computers, from a standard one with windows 7 x86 to an all-in-one windows 7 x64; When I tried to run my game source at this new computer, I have met with this unexpected terminal message:

ImportError: No module named direct.directbase.DirectStart

I have panda3d 1.7 installed, and the latest python too, what could be the problem as the source code used to work in my previous computer? The line which the terminal said it was wrong is correct, as seen below:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

Thanks for any help

I’m pretty sure you have to run the python that comes with panda. Try typing ppython C:\your\

If that doesnt work then try C:\Panda_DIR\python\ppython.exe C:\your\

with Panda_DIR being the directory in which panda is installed

Hey that did the trick, thanks!