Import Error in Scene Editor in Panda Version 1.1

Hello All,

When i try to use the latest Scene Editor i’ve got the following error:

File “E:\WG\Panda3D1\SceneEditor\”, line 13, in ?
from pandac.MouseWatcher import *
ImportError: No module named MouseWatcher

If some one know how to get back MouseWatcher, this would be welcome.

PS: once solution found, i’ll add it to the Issue and Solution post of mine

I get this sometimes when PandaModules isn’t loaded anywhere. It seems you need the namespace to acces any of the pandac modules. So before any other imports in, try adding:

from pandac import PandaModules

PandaModules holds all of the names of pandac, so it might create a longer load time (and I am not sure how much ram it would use up).

Let me know if it works or not.

Actually, you would want to import PandaModules as early as possible, so if you know where the firs imports are, put it there and it should be able to figure out the names after that.

I have removed all errors by:
*) removing all lines with

from pandac import xxxx

*) change line 406 to:

self.ct.addCollider(render.attachNewNode(self.collisionNode), self)

I havn’t tested the sceneEditor after I have done all this


I’e removed error by remplacing all lines from pandac import …
by from pandac.PandaModules import…

I’ve also replaced the collisionNode by collisionNodePath in seSelection and sceneeditor .

However there is still an issue in dataHolder.
I 'll try to replace collisionNode by self in the saving code but 'im not sure it will work.

I also replaced the deprecated code…