Import .egg to Blender

Hi guys,

I am trying to import the model of the maze (from the sample programs: Ball in Maze) to Blender without any success. I would like to import it, modify it and export it using the plugin YABEE.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and Blender v2.69. I used egg2x to convert the model but my version of Blender is not able to import DirectX file (I did not find a working plugin). I tried to use egg2dxf ( AutoCad ), import the model in Blender but I get a strange result (I can see just some meshes of the maze).

Any idea about how to import a .egg file into blender correctly?

Thank you

Hi, welcome to the forums!

In general, the .egg pipeline is designed to be one-way; it is usually best to keep the source format around in case it needs to be modified. This is why the process of converting from .egg formats other than .bam is poorly supported.

However, that is not to say that it’s impossible. I’ve heard that egg2flt does a fairly good job. If you can manage to import .flt files into Blender, that might work.

Otherwise, there is egg2obj, although I don’t believe it supports materials or textures. If you just want the geometry, it should do the trick.

Thank you very much for your answer. I will try it!

Otherwise I think it will be faster to create the maze from scratch with Blender.

There is now an importer for importing .egg files into Blender.