I'm new, hi.

OK, first I must say I am very indisposed about the manual. It’s just so. I have no words! I am sure people are getting confused there.
And one question: is making two-dimensional games easier then three-dimensional in panda?
So, that’s all I wanted to say, any tips for getting started?

what do you mean?
i found the manual very clear and easy to understand.

to answer you question:
depends on what you want to create.
and also depends on what you already know.

i wish you a good time with panda, i’m sure you’ll have one, it’s a very good engine.


Not everyone gets confused. I myself studied Panda through it, and it was (and is) very helpful to me.

It is true that 2D programming is generally not that complicated as 3D programming. But it doesn’t matter at the end: if you use mature game engine, it has lots of built-in tools that help you to develop your game. It is also true that generally producing 2d art is cheaper then 3d assets. Generally, the choice between 2d and 3d depends on available resources and the game concept (not any game is equally suitable for 2d and 3d).

Study manual, forum and included samples thoroughly :slight_smile:

Especially, take a look at the Asteroids sample:
panda3d.org/manual/index.php/S … _Asteroids

If you find the manual confusing then you’re probably new to programming, not just new to Panda. You should spend some time learning Python before you try to use Panda.

Hello Mental Disasster and welcome…

Really the manual is very clear, maybe you need to learn python as was saying jhocking, you will note that Panda 3D is the most clear engine you never will find out, but first is recommended that you begin with some python tutorials, and know about the OOP (Oriented Objects Programming).

You can easy find a large contents of materials about python and OOP.

By the way, you can make your question here if you don’t understand something in the manual…

When you install Panda either windows or linux, you will find examples that will guide you how to program in panda, these scripts are very interesting, useful and easy to understand… …

At the beginning all things are hard.
Dont give up and give it a try.

Thank you guys.

I am not new to programming, I am newbie to game programming.

The reason why I was finding the manual strange is that I have thought that I will find the what variables to add into a function. Like that:

yourModel = loader.loadModel("yourModelFileName.egg/.bam") #will create a new node,
#called yourModel and load a model in the folder you are running it called #yourModelFileName.egg or .bam

#Don't forget to put the name as a string!

But now I have recognized that I can find this in the reference :slight_smile:

Please call me an idiot, becuase I am.

haha lol… the only idiots peoples are those ones that does not want to question. The question was made to be answered… :

I found a bit clear that code… the comments are telling us that the first line creates a new node (i know, you got it), is evident…

The second line is telling, what thing that line made with “yourModel” file placed in the current directory, can be egg, bam… blabla… but remember that you don’t need to put extension, Panda recognises automatically the most properly.