I'm making a team

Hello, i wan’t to make a team in Python/Panda3D programming.
It’s not going to be a proffesional team,(Which means anyone, knows a little about python, panda3D, or 3Ds MAX, is welcome)
It’s gonna be a little team and like a hobby.
I think about
1 Texturer (Photoshop i suggest)
2 Python/Panda3D programmers.
2 3Ds max modellers.

I wan’t to have these programs in particular, because that’s what i see work’s best together.

Just Email me(kristianjanum@hotmail.com) or reply here, i could use anyone interested.

To tell a little about myself, my name is Kristian hjort. I’m from Denmark. And i am 15years old. I know basic programming in different languages(C++, VB.net, python etc.) To tell what i’m good at, programming im understanding, and i know what different code does.
In modelling i’m well experienced, it might not look the best but i know what i’m doing (I can also add bones and skin, rigging)
Texturing is not my special and i’m very bad to it.
I hope i get some responses, and remember it’s a small team i want to make for fun, so we can make some games (I allredy have a project we could start with, hwile learning each other to know.

  • Kristian.

I might be interested depending on what you’re planning on working on. I have been programming in python for two years, purely self taught and have released one relatively major game and a few small ones. You can see my work at www.battlezero.com.

Let me know what you’re thinking about working on!

I’ll check the link now. But remember i’m only programmed for about 3-4months, so if you join, you can be the main programmer.

What we will work with? hmm, i think it might be some different things, maybe we should find something to make in order to learn each other to know, and see how good we all are? anyway im checking your link now.

@jonyfries: wow I really like the look of the graphics in your games, especially the cloud game. Did you draw those?

Hi, are you interested in joining the Team?

Not really, no, but good luck to you in learning how this all works and putting together a project. It’s a little unclear from your first post what you intend to contribute to the team. You make reference to some basic skills across the board, but what’s your focus? What exactly are you planning to contribute and/or learn more about?

Thanks :slight_smile:, i don’t know if i understand your question, but if you mean what kind of games/projects, i ain’t sure yet, i wrote a little demo concept, we will program, to see…
Then i think we will talk together (Still need some mebers though), but talk and see what we should make.
Was that what you meant?
Sorry for my bad english.

@jhocking No I am not an artist, one of my friends, Joshua, was the artist on all of the games. I’ll pass the compliment on to Joshua, I agree his art work is incredible!