I'm a bit confused on instancing in 1.7.0

The manual explains instancing, but for Actors only. This blog indicates that the Actor instancing stuff (instanceTo) will do nothing for performance for static geometry AND this new geometry instancing requires the use of a shader. I did find some recent posts related to people using this with their own custom shader. As the blog came out before 1.7.0 I’m not entirely sure what the current state is or what the requirements are.

In short, shaders are beyond me so I want to stick with the setShaderauto if at all possible. What do I need to do to add instanced geometry (grass, trees, rocks, whatever) to a geoMipTerrain?

You can’t use setShaderAuto for instanced geometry. Hardware geometry instancing (which has nothing to do with instanceTo, which is simple an optimisation for animated models) requires you to write your own shaders and culling mechanisms.

That’s what I figured from what I could find. I guess I’ll keep an eye out for someone to post their shader code that I can use.