IE only for disney games ?? ;-)


I am rather surprised that the new panda mermaid game ( and others from the same website) require IE browser…panda works with linux, so why did they choose to alienate the userbase ? :wink:)


I don’t want to cause serious harm here, but some ppl seem to live still in a small (microsoft dominated) world…

Dunno about the details, but I wonder what functions the IE has that other browsers can’t provide… - except that you need to use another call (when accessing the browser)

Regards, Bigfoot29

I’m not involved with the team that did the mermaid game, so I don’t know beans about the specifics; but having had experience in the past with this sort of thing, I can assure you that there are business-related decisions that have little to do with technical ability to do something.

Upshot is, just because Panda can run on Linux, doesn’t mean the bean counters want to support games that run on Linux.