Identifie who triggered event / Event when interval finishes

For a RTS game, I have several characters working around on their own schedule, so they have their own interval. I need to know when they arrive at their destination (when the interval finishes) so that I can make them do whatever task they were going there for in the first place.

So far I’ve used an event to get notified when an interval finishes. Works great, but I cannot tell what interval finished, or more importantly what character it was that triggered the event. Is there a way that I haven’t found so far to put some data to tell my event handler who arrived at its destination?

As an alternative, I’m thinking of maybe just write my own intervals managed by a task, which i don’t suppose would be very hard or long to do.

Any input or trick?

Instead of using an event, you could perhaps wrap your interval in a Sequence, and place a “function interval” at the end of that to signal the conclusion of the interval. Function events can take parameters, I believe, potentially allowing you to pass in the relevant information for identifying the character in question.

“As FunctionInterval is implemented in Python, this section does not apply to C++.”

But thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Ah, I see–I missed that this was in the C++ section. Sorry about that! ^^;