Ideas to improve documentation

one of the first steps to learn about any new library is to get into the documentation as fast as possible. i feel that the current documentation gives a good overview about the system at hand, tough when i started to use the API reference i hit some obstacles.

i am offering some small ideas how to improve that, being unfamiliar with the documentation process and the tools to generate the API reference, i’m not sure if they are doable (or what is needed to get this done).

  • the constructors of all classes are missing as far as i know, making it hard to determine how to construct various classes. if you can’t find a class in any example you have to dig into pandas source code.

  • it would be nice if method/function prototypes which use panda types/classes could directly link to the approriate page. it would make navigation through the API easier and see how classes are used together.


i am sure i will come up with more ideas. :slight_smile:

ps: i’m willing to help to improve these issues myself, if given instructions how i could contribute accordingly.