i will make your 3d assets

My name is Jay and I am a striving game artist I work with Maya 3D and I am currently trying to enhance my skills and knowledge for game art 3D creation. I would love to be of help to any project in developement and have my custom creations in any ones custom maps, mods, programming, etc. Even if you are just building your own game environment i would like to make a SIMPLE AND BASIC 3d asset for artist to put in the game or your map. I am still kind of a novice and have not yet reached organics yet but i have learned this much and all i can do from this day on out is to get better. If you have a small project in mind and would like some new assets created feel free to contact me and send me a short request and maybe a rough sketch or picture of what you would like created for your map. I am only one person so I reallly dont know how many request i will get but i can only make one asset at a time. For the fastest response whether you just have a question or request, its best to contact me directly at my personal website. I look forward to hearing from you creative individuals. Happy modding!


PS- I am NOT looking for pay or full time employment, i am volunteering and i just want to make things and have them put into other peoples projects so that i can become better at 3d modeling, also so that i can look back at projects years from now and see things that i made in game environments and say. . . . .yeah, i made that! :slight_smile:

No need to make 2 of the same topics.
Improving and making assets for the Panda3d samples would be great because that’s something Panda3d really needs in my opinion

discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic … sc&start=0

hello there

me and a few of my friends came up with the idea of creating a video game… probably with the panda 3d engine.

right now we tend to create a first person shooter game, inside a computer (like tron). only single player campaign.
we haven’t started yet… no single line of code… even not a single model…

we don’t now when to start with right now… but actually all of us are noobs… which means we will need every help we can get…

the game will of course be 100% free and open source.

probably we could use your help…

what do you think? will you help us when the project starts ? (don’t know when, don’t know if it will even do start… yet)

what you need is no artist but a plan. you need at least an idea, concepts and a basic code base before even thinking about art.
no offense, but your request sounds a bit like that of a kid asking a mechanican if he’ll maintain his racing car in ~20-30 years.

sorry for the overreaction, but i did nearly the same failure some time ago :slight_smile:

well guess u’re right…
the big problem about having, or even build a plan is that none of use has any experience in creating games or even multi medial content. We don’t know our borders nor how much time everything will need.

so all this project is more for education then entertainment. considering what you told me, i think our group will take the hard way of learning… which will take time, but i hop one day this will be our advantage.

I think before the plan gets to extravagant you should focus on building a decent engine or modular framework. once that is in place go crazy with your plan.

@jpb : I’m working on a Tatical Frist Person Shooter engine and i could sure use some player models rigged for animation right now they are just stacks boxes. Just give me a pm if your interested in lending a hand.

well, as my first try i created some kind of prototype character.
its already rigged (but not as good as a professional would do it).

made in 3ds max (2010)
u can have it if you want…
i know it’s nothing special but still a nice offer.

It’s a step up from my boxes! I could make one my self but right now my priority is implementing basic features, also I’m not so experienced in character rigging and such so this would be helpful until I can hit up the Blender Doc’s.

Are the different parts of the model tagged in a way that I could simply run it through the egg character optimizer(egg-optchar.exe)? Does 3dsMax have a functional egg export capability?

i think there is a egg exporter for the 32bit version of 3dsmax 2010… if not, direct x might also work.

i quite don’t know what you mean by “tagged” but its a simple bone animation (connected via the skin modifier)

i uploaded the file to my server… you can try it out, hope it works.


Thanks for trying to help but .max files are no use to anyone not running 3dsmax. I’m sure they made the format like this on purpose. a .3ds , .obj , or .dae file would be more useful. No worries i will craft something up. I guess a fully animated model isn’t my highest priority right now, although it would be nice to have a model all rigged and tagged. Named parts make things like holding weapons a lot smarter. Right now I just have a rifle floating in view of the camera with limited movement options.