I want to try to make a first person mass effect

Who wants to help me with this project I will need a modeler. A prototypist(someone to put all the media together and create a prototype(has to be someone with a with a website who can post the demo) and a coder with exceptionally good programming skills to Mentor and Edit and spruce up the game.And anyone else who wants to help we need multiple people for each position especially coding :smiley: if you want to help and do something that you have thought of and is not listed emial me personally at arbiter410@ymail.com everyone else can reply. If you have not heard of mass efect it is a futuristic RPG it is extremly interactive and we may not be able to get all of those features.

first off: welcome to panda.

some things i’d like to mention: wrong forum :wink: “panda features in development” is meant for new features in the engine. not some games. “showcase” or “general disucssion” would be more suited for advertising for a team.

an other thing is: you’r saying you’r going to try to make a FPS-mass-effect like game. no materials, no screenshots, no concept, no code, no team, no experience offered. i dont wanna offend you. but it sorta does sound like " i want to try to make such a game but i have no idea how to do it and i need people to do some work". not that i have a problem with the request but i doubt you’ll find people who are willing to help.

as general notice. gamedevelopment is incredibly complex, time consuming and requires you to learn many many things. you cant just jump into it and code a mass-effect-like-game. if you are new to game-development. start with something small. something you can manage and finish. a small and fun game is very suited for something like that.

just my advice^ greetings


If you want help you are probably going to need a working demo.

By the way, Bill Gates didn’t ‘make’ BASIC

I strongly suggest starting with taking your favorite aspect of mass effect and recreating just that. Is it the complex dialogue trees? Make text-based interactive story. Is it rpg type of stuff? Make something similar to nethack or a text based adventure which features the unique ideas you have. Is it the combat? Make a small combat engine.

Like delaney’s like says, not only will you learn to program/make content, but you will actually have something playable and usable you can show off to people. I learned python by making an IRC bot. I spent months working on it, and with all I know I still can’t even get Panda3D UI to work right!