i want to set the time period of the frames

hello all
I want to know how to set the time period of the frames.Im sure that the default is 25 frames per second.I want to be able to set it to like 25 frames person 0.5 seconds and so on.If this is possible i would happy if any would tell me how its done.
Thanks greatly.

The time period between the frames is determined by the code that is executed every frame. I don’t know if there’s a limit of the framerate (indicating there’s at all a controlling mechanism for the frame rate), but I really don’t think there’s a fixed delay between each frame.

Why would you want to do that anyway?

there is no such thing as a fixed framerate (god it would be great, imagine all the grafic overload and still 25frames per second :wink: ).
usualy the engine runs as fast as it can.
in most cases thats somehwere between 60 or 100 fps because it waits for the monitor-refresh. if you turn of vertical-syncronisation it can go much higher… 300 or more fps. (if your grafic isnt too heavy).
well if you have a grafic like… lets say in oblivion, or quake4 your framerate drops :stuck_out_tongue:. sometimes below 25fps :slight_smile:.

i think i read something about setting a maximum fps value. but i dont think there is something for a minimum fps since it would require to drastically modify your gamecontent during runtime. only very few engines can do this to some extend.

if you want to know how many frames you got check for the example folder which comes with panda. there should be some examples with a frame-rate-meter. you can copy their code to check the fps in your own game :slight_smile: