I wanna help develop panda

I wanna help develop panda.
If there is still anything that needs developing.
I can program in python and other languages.
But not in C++.
Please can someone show me where I can download c++ and tutorials
for c++.
And also how I can help develop panda and what I need to know, plus
links to tutorials so that I can learn all of this.
What is the CVS?

How does panda compare to the quake 4 engine?
In terms of speed and graphics quality?

If there is need for another developer, please tell me, I wanna help.

Try to integrate OpenAL and add a box collision solid :wink:

Panda3D is written in C++. Unless you want to program some python bindings, but I don’t think that part lacks developers.

For Linux, g++ is already integrated. Otherwise install in your package manager.
For Windows, click here.
Tutorial: click here.
But please note that C++ is a lot lower level than Python and it’s much harder to learn.

The cvs is here.

You already opened a topic about that here.

The most important things that Panda3D needs right now are:* Documentation!!!

  • OpenAL
  • (box collision solid)

Isn’t there already a lot of that?
or is it not good enough.

I have heard the ravings that other users have posted about OpenAL
and how bad they want it.

Does panda use the opengl extensions?
Does it do culling of objects behind other objects?

not badly but it would be a nice improvement since it’s the last non-free piece in the engine.

-no, atm it only culls all objects which are entirly outside the FOV. using portals is possible,too.

Wouldn’t there be a great performance boost if the culling was implemented?

heavily depends on your type of game. would be a major improvement for indoor levels and indoor/outdoor mixed. but the culling itself takes some processing,too.
feel free to add it :slight_smile: there should be enough info in the net.
a propper automated octree-optimizing would be a nice thing ,too. would improve overallperformange with in huge one-piece-levels.

Just wondering, what exactly is OpenAL?

Edit: Nevermind, found it :laughing: