I need help to export to .egg using Blender -> Chicken

Hello :smiley: , I am a beginner using panda and I have a problem exporting my models from blender. I have the plugin Chicken, but i dont know hot to use it appropriatly.

I try to export a cookie of ginger that i made in a tutorial of blender and a landscape done with a grillle. The result was this:

Gingerman: The only thing that appears was the square mesh (without smooth) and textures have gone, was white, but this was what I wanted:

I investigate a bit and found that only can use textures of image external (png, jpeg, etc), this way i made a cube with an image stamped as texture, but the egg file only was painted of the color that the image have in x0,y0, the top left corner. Can someone to make clear that it is what I can export with chicken and as(like) doing it?

I need to be able to export like well the textures and as(like) to arm(assemble) the animation as(like) in the examples that come with bulging (panda - walk.egg), my cooky already has his armature and a walk-cicle, but i dont know how export it.

Please Help me, And sorry for my English : :blush:

What concerns textures, you probably textured it by using Blender materials. If you want your textures to be displayed in the game engine (any game engine, not only Panda), you will need to use UV mapping technique. You can do it by using texture baking tool in Blender (please, ask more about it on Blender forums).
What concerns smoothing, this is internal Blender feature as well, and it can not be exported. How to do it in Panda, I don’t know (I am still learning it), maybe, someone else can help with it.

for smoothing… if you added a smooth modifier to your model. just hit the “apply modifier” before you export.

Humm, :mrgreen: , Gracias ThomasEgi, I did it of apply modifier and my cookie went out perfect :smiley: , rounded and it was not looking like any more a bucket … though even I have the problem of the textures… I begin to using blender as 3 weeks ago, to be able to do my models for a project that I have in mind :unamused:, before it had never shaped this way and I had to look it of apply modifier … scarcely I go in the second chapter of 15 that the tutorial has!!, like that that I have not come to it from the mapping. I have just read thereabouts that in all the games 3d uses this technology for the textures, something that not wise, now only it is a question of time to improve, i just wanted to see my first blender-model in panda. Thank you birukoff for it of the textures… Again sorry for mi English, i will take a few lessons. thank joe and. Happy shaped :wink: