I know, I know, another noobie question buuuuuuuut

How do I convert my model files, and any other content use for my games, to the file names Panda reads? Also, with animations, when they are used in the engine are the saved as a certain, separate file, or are they imbedded in the models file? Let me know if I need to clarify more.

Grei J.

Read the manual. Specifically VII.E Model Export and VII.E.1-9.

Egg format supports both. They can be in the same file if the model only has one animation, but often if a model needs multiple animations the model will have an egg and each of the animations has an egg. For more about egg syntax see http://panda3d.cvs.sourceforge.net/panda3d/panda/src/doc/eggSyntax.txt?view=markup

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Okay I downloaded the Chicken .Egg Exporter for Blender, I exported one of my models and tried to view it in the pview window. It didn’t work, I didn’t mess with any of the settings in the Exporter I just selected what I wanted and hit export. Is there anything else I should be doing?

Grei J.

what about adding a material? might be that your model is just invisible. also try to press C while running pview, this should center your model into the few (or i think it was C ), you could also try to toggle textures on/off