I have windows but the manual said sumthin bout PATH but I

I have windows but the manual said sumthin bout PATH but I dont get it! please help!!! what to do? everytime I start a panda.exe item it doesnt work and says the same PATH thin but I HAVE NO IDEA what they mean! please be more specific!


Ok, on Window there is what is called the PATH. this is variable that hold predefined path for some exe you want to be able to use from any folder without having to type the whole path.

For example if you installed Panda3D in C:\Panda3D
then , since ppython (the panda3D executable) is located in C:\Panda3D\bin,
putting C:\Panda3d\bin in the path will allow you to use" ppython myPanda3dScript.py from any folder of your PC without having to type the full path ie "C:\Panda3d\bin\ppython.exe " myPanda3dScript.py.

How to put the path?
1)You have to make a right click on Workspace icon on your desktop and select Properties. Then you choose the tab “Advanced”.
Then you click the Button “Environnment Settings”. (second button in the pane on Win2K).
2)Then if you are “Admin” on your PC , select the PATH line in the list under System Variables , else select the PATH line in the list under “MyUserName” Variables. Modification to perform is the same whatever PATH line you selected.
3)Now double click the PATH (or Path) line. a small window opens with
Variable Name=Path and Variable Value = some folder paths separated by a “;”. In there , just append “C:\panda3D\bin;” at the end of the line.
NB: this assume you installed Panda3D in C:\Panda3D else just take the real path to your Panda3D\bin Folder.
4) Validate by OK to close the small window then OK to close the Properties Panel.
5) Log off and Log on from your session (or reboot the PC), that’s it!!!

PS: maybe we should add this to the manual…

HorHay: Erm… But you still know that a .exe file isn’t the one you WANT to launch with Python? You need only ONE - ppython.exe (for now)

Everything else you better TRY to do first the way we told you already

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I for my part won’t answer such questions any more until HorHay (for example) just did 3 things: read the forum, answer the things we told them to try, use google

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If you have looked at the manual and you are still a little confused, someone made a nice getting started post. Click this link:


and look at what Witchetty wrote

Bigfoot ur just rude… YOU DONT EXPLAIN WELL I can understand manakel 100 times better than you…

This is possible, but you never asked like “erm… I don’t get that point THERE in your post”

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Alrighty, time to calm down. It doesn’t help anyone and it just degrades the quality of these forums. Posters need to help themselves before they ask (note “ask” and not “demand”) for help. Before you ask for help, make sure you’ve read the documentation and you have a reasonable understanding of Python, how you write scripts and and how you run them. When you ask for help, provide enough information that we can help - don’t just say “I clicked, it don’t run”.

If you find posts demanding help that deserve no help, just walk away and do something else. Just keep a cool head, ok? :slight_smile:

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Out of topic, I added the path stuff to the Troubleshooting section in Getting started of the Manual…

how do u get the path i cant find it @!!

Lol calm down “guest user” an read through his instructions again and please take some time to understand cause you also need time to real and understand the manual and how to program with python

I updated the changing the PATH variable in the Manual.

Link: https://www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Installing_Panda

It’s far more easy with screenshots… should have put them at once…
Thanks a lot…