I have a question about blender tutorial

This is the tutorial series I found for Blender 2.6:



What I do know(I think)

  • I can export as .x from Blender and I can use that format with the Panda3d engine?

My question is simply. By following this tutorial to the letter and to the end will I successfully have a model that is animated and that doesn’t lose textures?

Or should I say, is there anything that needs to be done differently than what the tutorial teaches?

Thanks because I’m new to this modeling stuff and I want to get this down so I can make my own fully animated game characters.

As far as I know, there is no reliable working pipeline for exporting models from Blender 2.5+ to Panda3D in a manner that preserves animations.

I believe an experimental new exporter is in the works (YABEE, check it out on the Pipeline forum), but it is still very limited in functionality. I don’t know if it supports animations.

Which version of Blender from this download list do you recommend so that I can successfully export/preserve animations?


The highest version number in the 2.4 series. The Chicken exporter is incompatible with 2.5 and above.