I get an error when i try to export from blender

the body of the error’s text is here:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/phoneixs/.blender/2.62/scripts/addons/io_scene_egg/init.py”, line 321, in execute
File “/home/phoneixs/.blender/2.62/scripts/addons/io_scene_egg/yabee_libs/egg_writer.py”, line 1030, in write_out
File “/home/phoneixs/.blender/2.62/scripts/addons/io_scene_egg/yabee_libs/egg_writer.py”, line 897, in get_egg_materials_str
for m_idx in get_used_materials():
File “/home/phoneixs/.blender/2.62/scripts/addons/io_scene_egg/yabee_libs/egg_writer.py”, line 884, in get_used_materials
for f in obj.data.faces:
AttributeError: ‘Mesh’ object has no attribute ‘faces’


From my little knowledge of the Blender API you are trying to use a script for Blender 2.62 on Blender 2.63. A bunch of things in the API were changes, like Mesh.polygons instead of Mesh.faces.

The new Yabee is for 2.63, you can get that.

PS. The Blender devs should really stop making huge changes and breaking backward-campatability with each sub-sub-release. It’s getting annoying. Who wants to relearn an API and edit his script each month for it to not crash?