I can't see shadows and plane

I downloaded github this man (https://github.com/totex/Panda3D-examples) totex
and everything goes well with his coding and files
all the others are goes well
but when I change the egg file (my-models/floor) to I made
I can’t see the shadows and plane
I think that the problem is the egg file I made
but I can’t figure it out why and how to solve
please let me know how can I render my egg file…

I’m not familiar with that tutorial series–what do you mean by the “plane”? (Can you perhaps give a few screenshots showing what should happen, and what you’re seeing, please?)

Can you see your floor-model at all? And either way, are any errors being printed to the console?

first of all I want to apologize about my english…

I had several mistakes…
there some mistaken words like ‘plane’
I meant that was ‘floor’
and I didn’t make egg file name of floor

the first picture’s red boundary is egg file’s name. the file of the man offers panda3d tutorial : ‘my-models/floor’
and second picture is result of the offered file made by the man named of totex
the third picture’s red boundary is the file I made
(all things are goes well when I put the offered file from the man’s github but when I replace the file to what I made, the result is like the fifth picture)
and forth picture is the shape of what i made in blender

I cannot find what is wrong
console isn’t printing any errors
please help…

this is the picture of the man(totex)'s result

in this picture’s boundary is name of my egg file made in blender

this is the picture of the shape of plane(floor, surface) what I made in blender

this is the picture of egg file’s result what I made

I want to see the result same with the man(totex)'s result…

Aah, okay, I think that I understand better now! Thank you for so explaining! :slight_smile:

My best guess right now is that the problem lies with your model–after all, the code is the same.

So, my first guess is that there’s a problem with the normals of your ground–that they’re pointing downwards, instead of upwards. What happens if you turn on backface-culling in Blender? (I’m not sure of where to do that in your version, I’m afraid–the Blender devs changed the UI between the version that I use and the version that you use, I believe.)

If I’m right, then the ground should disappear when you turn on backface-culling.

If I’m not right, then tell me please: is your ground just a flat polygon, or does it have thickness?

thanks for comment!

you are right! the ground disapper when I turn on backface-culling

so I search for flip the normal direction, but It still couldn’t solve the problem

finally, I made a new floor and it works

but I don’t know why the floor didn’t show at the first time

I tried make floor as
mesh -> plane
mesh -> grid
but nothing difference… these are flat polygon and worked…
why my first try didn’t show…?

I’m glad that you got it working! :slight_smile:

As to the reason that it wasn’t working before:

In short, games generally cull away polygons that are facing “away” from them; this is a performance optimisation, I believe.

This “facing” is related to the normal of the polygon in question: broadly speaking, if the normal is facing away from the camera, then the polygon is considered to be so, too. (There are some complexities that I’m brushing aside, but they’re not terribly important here, I think.)

It would seem likely, then, that your original floor had its normals facing downwards. As a result, it was considered to be facing “away” from a camera placed above it, and so was culled away.

As to why the normals were facing that way, I don’t know–it may be to do with the exact steps that you used when making it, or perhaps you scaled it by a negative number at some point, or maybe you asked Blender to recalculate the normals and didn’t notice which way they ended up, or something else besides. It’s hard to say.

As a side-note, even if it had been rendered, the normal is generally used in lighting and thus your image would likely not have looked correct anyway.

Thanks a lot!

It’s really complex to me…

you are the real intellect person!

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Thank you; I’m glad if I’ve helped. :slight_smile:

I think the problem’s reason could find in your answer
I modified first trial as scale z axis, I think it was the problem!
I got knoweldge in this question, thanks! :smiley:

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