I can't get panda working right for the life of me.

I downloaded the complete install for windows. I installed it then opened up the manual and done as it said. I opened a notepad and typed"import direct.directbase.DirectStart run() and I saved it as tut.py. I have tried to double click it and it opens a box opens and closes in a blink. I have tried going to the command prompt and typing "ppython tut.py and it comes back saying no such file. I have even tried to save it to my desktop then from the command prompt cd to desktop and typed ppython tut.py and yet again it comes back saying no such file.I dont’ know what else to do so any help would be much appreciated.

Os; Windows vista home basic.

Well if you say you did as the wiki said, then
Maybe your file is saved as tut.py.txt and not tut.py?
Windows by default hides your file extensions (.mp3, .mpg, .txt) so if your file is “tut.py” on the Desktop then its really “tut.py.txt”

Nope it is a .py and the icon shows up as a python file. When I click on it it opens the command prompt but it closes real fast and does nothing more.

I had the same problem on my windows hard drive until changed the Config.prc for direct x as opposed to Open Gl.

Basically go to c://Panda3D-1.6.2/etc open Config.prc and change

# run using OpenGL or DirectX rendering.

load-display pandagl
#load-display pandadx9
#load-display pandadx8


# run using OpenGL or DirectX rendering.

#load-display pandagl
load-display pandadx9
#load-display pandadx8

Well that sounds weird.

I maybe be over looking it but I will look again

Hey thanks alot that done the trick :slight_smile:

I mean its odd that Vista has issues with OGL

i recommend running the python file from the command console. because if you encounter a error the window will allways close immediately, not showing the specific error you have. alternatively there are ide’s that help developing. another possibility is to use a run.bat file that runs the python script file:

c:\panda3d-1.6.2\python\ppython yourscriptname.py
pause > nul

the pause prevents the window from closing immediately

opengl has problems on vista because m$ wants it to be like that…

I dont like vista myself, but i have tried irrlicht engine with vista and it was ok (ogl).

I’m surprised nobody asked the obligatory question yet: do you have updated drivers for your graphic card? Panda should work with OpenGL in vista.

I bet the OP was running into this problem:
Which has been fixed for the upcoming 1.7.0 release.