i am new in panda

hello, i´m new in panda 3d an i hve some questions:
panda includes physics?
shadows in real time?
when i have alredy intaled panda, how can i see the game?
i now phyton, do anibody now a manual to beguin with?

i´m sorry becouse i´m spanish, no english and i mave have made a lot of mistakes XD
thank you!

welcome :slight_smile:

there are many physics implementations. search for ODE, physX and such on the forums.


panda3d is not a game, nor any IDE! it’s a python library, that helps you in developing games. don’t compare it to irredit or blender game engine.

http://python.org/doc/ for python and http://panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Main_Page for panda3d.

not that it would matter that much.but panda3d is a c++ library with python bindings. the difference for the user is not important but it might lead some people to think that panda is slow (which is definatly not true)if you say its a python library.

about the realtime shadows. there should be an example which comes with your panda installation.

sorry, i know that panda 3d is not a game; its an engine. i wanted say how can i se my ouns games, the games i have alredy make XD

thank you for the ansuers

Uhm, if ‘your game’ is written in Python, you can just run it like any other python program?

If you don’t know how to run a python program, learn Python! If you are not prepared to learn Python or C++, (C++ would seem unlikely in your case), this library is not suited for you.

Panda3D is a library, and as most libraries, it can only be used by programmers.

well you cant run a already existing game on panda3d just like that. same goes for pretty much all engines out there. games are written for a specific engine, switching engines wont work just like that. you have to port it to panda3d, or you have to write it for panda. in most cases both ends up to be pretty much the same: rewriting the game from scratch.

i second pro-rsoft’s statement. you wont be able to use panda3d at all unless you learn to code python(or c++)

hello, i have a new question. panda uses objet.egg
ok. with wich program can i make objets.egg?
can i do my models with blender? or with xsi? with wich 3d program???

thank you

once more we’d like you to read the already existing documentation.
first stop: the panda3d manual-> https://www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Main_Page
if you scroll down on that page, you can find a “Model Export” chapter. describing how to get your models into panda.
if you use blender, your best choice would be to use the chicken exporter.