I am confused about this error that I am receiving

Hi, so I get this error called SystemError : < method ‘get python tag’ of panda3d.core.NodePath objects returned Null without setting an error.

I am trying to get the velocity of a value of a paintball from a list called self.paintballs. Individual values are created using the Paintball class. The main class where the code runs subclasses FSM, but the Gamemode file/class that subclasses showbase imports AppState , but the Paintball class subclasses only object. I tried subclassing Nodepath and PandaNode and AppState for Paintball, but this doesnt work… These are snippets of my code for betteer understanding.

I tried putting the getVelocity in the main AppState class also with no avail.

link to snapshots:


Any help is appreciated

Looking at your screenshots, I see a different error–I see the following:

AttributeError: 'Paintball' object has no attribute 'getPythonTag'

Which is correct: your “Paintball” class, as a sub-class of “object”, doesn’t have a method named “getPythonTag” (that being a method of the NodePath class). But I gather that you know this.

So, my first question is this: why are you storing your object’s velocity in a python-tag? Why not just keep it as a variable in the “Paintball” class?

(PS: You can embed bits of code and error messages within code-tags on this forum, which may prove easier to navigate than screenshots in the future. In the post-editor, just click on the icon that shows “<\>” to get generic code-tags, or the one to its right (that has a Python icon on it) for Python-specific tags.)