Howto create sky + sun & daytime cycle ?

Hello all!.
im new to panda3d. just started to have fun with it.
i tried to search the forum but could not find any usefull info.
i do like to know how i can make sky and sun “with godray if possible” and have it do realtime daytime cycle.

can anyone point me in the right direction here and|or provide some sample code?.


For a lens flare, this is quite good:
[Lens flare postprocess filter)

If you are looking for godrays theres volumetric lights detailed here (although I havent tried it): … ge_Filters

For night / day cycles, I was thinking the easiest idea would be to create a linear gradient in photoshop. Each clocktick you’d sample the image (using PNMImage) depending on how far you are into the day, and apply that to your lights. (Sort of like tonemapping).

Thank you Maikeru.