How to use packp3d on mac?

You might laugh when I ask you this. How would I go about doing this? I have read the manual and it doesn’t seem to be specific enough for me.

Hi, could you give more details? What commands are you submitting? What is their effect? Thank you! :wink:

Well, I am pretty new to OS X so I am not really sure what command to use. I saw one in the manual but how to I get to the directory or make it load panda files necessary to do this. If you were using a OS X, how would you go about doing this?

The arguments of packp3d don’t change on OSX, so there aren’t specific OSX aspects that you must consider when you use it on OSX. You can use it like if you were on Windows or Linux. Other useful commands (e.g. getting to the directory you want) aren’t Panda-specific: you can use the commands that you typically use on OSX (which you can easily map from the ones you already know on the other operative systems).