How to use new multify?

I can’t seem to get the multify.exe included in the new panda to work. I could get the old multify to work fine and I even wrote a program using the old multify. Now, whenever I run multify it freezes up and I have to close the CMD window.

Here is a little exerpt from my (Toontown ripping) program:

if exist "C:\Program Files\Disney\Disney Online\ToontownTest\" (copy "C:\Program Files\Disney\Disney Online\ToontownTest\") else (goto enderror)
multify.exe -x -f

It freezes up during the multify.

Any help, whether it be on this problem, or on other ways to rip Toontown, would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that I am an amatuer Panda user, so you might need to explain things with a little more detail than normal. :wink:

Hmm, multify hasn’t changed, and in fact it still works fine for me. You can try adding a -v to the multify command line, which will print out each filename as it is extracting it; this might give you some clues as to what’s going wrong.

But do note, for the record, that extracting models from Toontown and using them for something else is a violation of copyright. Disney still owns the rights to all of the Toontown models. There are plenty of good models available for download from this website that have fewer or no restrictions on their use.


Alright, I added the -v and everything seemed to extract normally, but the program wouldn’t go to the next line of code after extracting one of the files. One thing I noticed is that I didn’t get the error about not being able to extract compressed files. Is extracting from multifiles with compressed files still supported?

And, just so you know, I don’t use the files I extract in any way, other than to look at them, and listen to them if it is a sound. I am a big-time Toontown fanatic.

very interesting…

Which file was it hanging up on? That could be a clue.

You are no longer getting the error message because Panda now ships with zlib, the library used for (among other things) extracting compressed files. So it’s no longer an error that the multifile contains compressed files–Panda can extract them now.

In fact, I bet that’s what’s going wrong–Panda’s trying to extract one of the compressed files, and it’s getting locked up on the first one it comes across.

Search your system for zlib1.dll. I bet you have more than one of these. Try putting c:/Panda3d-1.0.2/bin as the first directory on your PATH, so that you get Panda’s version first.


I searched my system for zlib1.dll, and I only found one. But, when I copied zlib1.dll to the folder that I was working in, everytihng went fine. I was wondering though, why wouldn’t it work without the DLL in the folder? Is there a way to associate the DLL with multify, so I don’t have to keep moving the dll into the folderI am working in?

I think this is the answer to my above question, but I don’t really understand what you are saying by putting that folder as a directory on my PATH. What is PATH and how do I put a folder there?

BTW- Thank you for all you help so far, you are a wonderful person.

PATH is the environment variable that lists which folders are searched, in which order, for the .exe and .dll files needed when you run a command.

You can inspect the current value of your PATH by opening a cmd shell and typing the command “path”.

However, you must already have your c:/Panda3d-1.0.2/bin directory on your PATH, or you wouldn’t be able to run multify at all, so it should have been able to find the one zlib1.dll on your system. I’m afraid I don’t really understand what’s going wrong there.


I’ve seen cases where panda3d found an old version of “libtiff.dll” that was compiled by some other compiler, vc6 or something like that, and it bombed out.