How to uninstall

Hi everybody, at last i installed Panda3d successfully but i decided to remove it and install it again with new packages.
i install it on my linux with MakePanda.
so how can i uninstall it for install a new fresh copy?

MakePanda, does not install panda3d. You had to have build a deb before installing the deb with dpkg. Just remove the deb and install a new deb thats it.

If you used installpanda, there’s no easy script to uninstall it again, sorry. You’ll need to manually remove a lot of files.

Hey I didn’t know anything about his Panda3d. But throughout surfing I got it. And I tried to installed it. But I came to know that it is useless for me so now I want to uninstalled it. But I am also getting the same error message. And i\it doesn’t allowed me to uninstalled. So, I am planning to re-formatted my System.

Hi Jones,

I mean no offense, but your posts almost seem to make sense. Almost. So I don’t think you’re a bot spammer.

But your posts all have the same level of not-quite-making-sense, and you have that odd link in your signature, which appears to be a link to a commercial sales page.

So, if you’re really sincerely asking questions about Panda, and not just trying to boost the Google ranking on your sales page, please remove that link from your sig and then clarify precisely what “error message” you’re referring to, and why you would seriously consider reformatting your hard disk just to uninstall a software package which, if you really did install by hand as described in this thread, you would also know how to uninstall.


judged from the link (which sells certain hardware which enables people to run home-brew hardware on nintendo DS handhelds) i’d guess he downloaded panda in order to develop games for nintendo ds. (ARM support might’ve been missleading him to think it’s possible). unfortunately those machines are too low on RAM to run panda as it is, although c and opengl libs would be available for that platform.

aside from that assumption. drwr is right. it’d also be useful to know what distribution you’r using.