How to tell how long a collision has taken place?

Or more simply, how a cEntry event can run again and again and again as long as a collision is taking place.

I’ve got a player with a collisionsphere and enemies with collisionspheres. The enemies gets hurt when they are colliding with the player AND the player has the spacebar pressed.

But say, if the enemy was already inside the sphere and the player has yet to press the spacebar, the player will never be able to kill the enemy unless he moves out and goes back in and hits the spacebar at the correct time.

I know the benefits of collision events behaving as such, but it’s not what I want in this situation. I want the conditions of a cEntry function with the constant updating of a task. What to do?

You can listen to “again” event instead of “in”.

Well that’s good to know. What would be the syntax for that? What do I change?

When you are mentioning “in”, you mean the in

self.cHandler.addInPattern("%fn-into-%in") ?

Oh, I found it. For you forum prowlers out there, here’s what to do


Thanks again