How to stop a loop

posInterval1 = Actor.posInterval(1,Actor2.getPos(),startPos=Actor.getPos())
posInterval2 = Actor.posInterval(1,Actor.getPos(),startPos=Actor2.getPos())
Loop = Sequence(pandaPosInterval1,pandaPosInterval2,name="Loop")

How would i stop a sequence loop like that after it looped once?

PS - on an unrelated note:
How would I go about talking about a dynamic position? like lets say I wanted to make something appear at the point (4,4,1) how would I do that?

Well i found that Instead of using loop I can use ResumeUntil(2), but it only works once. So my question remains. I tried clearIntervals but that wasnt what i was looking for.

Okay, well that isn’t my question anymore. My new question is how would i sleep(.5)?

use Wait() - i.e. Wait(.5) will sleep/wait for half sec
I guess you wanna check this snippet out