How to Simplify/decimate a Mesh under Panda3D ?

There is the function decimate under Blender. But there is also that sort of function under Ogre3D - or it was D3DXSimplifyMesh of DirectX. I’ve seen that in demomaster 0.8 the LOD function is just a switch between 4 models, probably decimate with blender.

Is there a function built in Panda3D ? What is the flattenStrong function ?
Is there an external tool like pDecilateEgg.exe ?

if not, how to preserve UV Mapping from decimate function ? I’ve found this script : … ly_Reducer - it functions well.
With that, we can use the LOD function wich is explained with EggExporter “export-lod.blend”.

as a side note: I took wonder if there is a way we can do it in a programmatic-ly way using Panda3D?

sounds very interesting to me! and nice find on the blender script, thank you or that! :smiley:

Panda3D doesn’t provide this kind of tool; you’ll have to rely on tools such as the blender script, or otherwise provide this feature from an external source.

(Though there is the egg-qtess program which takes a NURBS model as input and can produce an arbitrarily-detailed polygon model on output, but YMMV.)