How to share anim between actors?[solved]

Hi good people, I would like to know how can I make two or more actors play a single animation(without any delay between them), i need this as my character is made of several parts, some can just be reparented to bones(they do not deform) and are loaded as models, other need to deform and are loaded as actors, like the player shirt and pants. I tried to load each one of the parts as actors and used .loop(sameanim) in each, but there were delays between the actors anims.
Is there something like I export the blender skeleton anim, load it, and set the actors to use the anim? I tried to export a anim skeleton but the exporter gave a error, saying which no objects were selected.
Hope my question makes sense, I´m confused about this myself, thanks in advance.

if you use chicken. you can un-check the “single-file” option. which will give you one egg for the geometry, and one for the animation.
you can also export all of your clothes and stuff at once. and then hide all the parts you dont want to show (which is a bit un-cool if you have 20000 different sets of clothing and stuff)

Hey thanks ThomasEgi! But one question remains:


That´s how I have been doing now, I tried playerParts[:].loop(‘still’), but that has not worked, which I think is strange, since [:] just means all list items.

Using print playerParts[0], which is a specific item, I got in terminal “Actor player_armature, parts = [‘modelRoot’], LODs = [‘lodRoot’], anims = [‘still’]” which is valid for .loop(), but when I use print playerParts[:], I got only “[render/player/player_armature” for each item, and that causes the problem I mentioned above.

How can I solve this?

As you stated playerParts[:] returns the list of all elements in playerParts. In fact it will basically just return the array itself. A python list has no function ‘loop’; it doesn’t know you’re trying to call that function on each element in the list. You would need to write a loop:

for part in playerParts:

Hi, I have discovered this some time ago, but thanks for the help!