how to setup a camera for a 3d car race game

hey we are making 3d car race game,i am trying to setup the camera for the view in which the player sees the car ,i set the pos of the camera perfectly,when i am parenting the camera to the car,its turning with the car but the problem is its shaking too much which is causing dizziness while playing the game,and if i am not parenting the camera to the car and adjusting the lookAt according to the car then the problem is that the camera isn’t turning with the car,help please

There are many solutions to this.
One would be polynomial interpolation.

Another solution that just got out of my head:

  • move the camera towards the car every frame. the distance is e.g. 5 units + 5 * car speed. you could also move it a bit towards the back of the car.
  • the camera always looks at a direction that is something between the looking line (e.g. positive Y-axis) and the direction the car’s physics force is pointing.