How to pass multiple args to domethodlater?

self.taskMgr.doMethodLater(.5, self.resetZombieHit, “reset zombie hit”, extraArgs = i)

i is the zombie that has just hit. It gives me an error, How can I pass the argument to the method self.resetZombieHit?

extraArgs = [i]

It’s a list. Basically, the function will be called by the task manager as: function(*extraArgs, task)

A thought just occurred to me. The value of i here is fixed at the time you create the task. If you want the function to use an updated value at each interval that task function needs to retrieve it by accessing the attribute through whatever object it is set on. I hope that makes sense. You might also be able to store the task object externally and call task.setArgs([i], True) whenever i is updated, but I’ve never done that before.

Heh, I hate to edit so many times but I want to be sure I’m giving accurate info. I missed this part in the manual: