How to parse a int and whatnot?

debug = OnscreenText(fg=(1,1,1,1),scale=0.07,mayChange=True)

def UpdateScreen(task):
  return Task.cont

taskMgr.add(UpdateScreen, "UpdateScreen")

How do i parse the Actor.getY() to a string?


Thanks on an urelated question how would i add to strings together. [/img]

string1 = "hello"
string2 = " "
string3 = string1 + string2 + "world"
print string3

That should print “hello world”.

Please, I advise you to read the Python manual or tutorials for this kind of basic information.

Oh i read the uncommented copy and paste this with minumal explaintion tutorial and it had nothing of that sort. And the manual for a noivice like myself is increadably difficult to navigate though.

Thanks for the help.