How to make the exceeded text scroll in DirectEntry?

Hi everyone,

I have a short textbox but I need to input longer text. I hope when the text exceeds the width of the directentry it could scroll automatically but it just stops get input.:cry: Is there anyone know how to make it scroll? Thanks!

I guess DirectEntry was made for one-line entries, while DirectEntryScroll was made for multi-line entries. Since this is the first I time I heard of it, since it’s not mentioned in the manual and since there’s no docstring in the source file, it might not be save for use though.

Looking at the source of DirectEntry you’ll see a numLines attribute. Maybe that’s the way.

Thanks Bradamente, but I only need one line. I mean when the text length exceeds the frame, I need the whole text could go towards the left, and the left part disappear temporarily.