How to make terrain by using blender?

I have made a terrain by using noise texture and displacement vector.
The result seems like this.

And I generated bam it by using blend2bam,but I just got a plane.

Just like this.
I’ll add ColorRamp converter,MixRGB,HDRI for light and etc to make this terrain more beautiful.
So any code snippets please?
Do we have any solutions to make the cooperation between panda3d and blender closely?
For example,I’ve got a really beautiful scene or character model.But it will crash when import it into panda3d.
I think this is a general problem that many faced.

The problem is obvious, you forgot to apply modifiers in the stack in the blender, as well as the transformation of the object before exporting.

Hello serega~
Thanks for your reply.

OK…I’ve applied modifiers in the stack in the blender.

I don’t know what this mean.
Is there any tutorial or pictures to make this more clearly?

What errors are you seeing when this happens?

Well,now I am able to make a terrain and import it into panda3d.Thanks.
Now I am trying to add textures.
So can blend2bam transform normal map or other materials correctly and automatically?

It crashed many times.I didn’t record it.
Maybe I will share my progress in this post.:grinning:

Ah, that’s a pity. Well, I suppose that as long as it’s no longer crashing it’s not a major issue–although I do worry that it’ll happen again, given that we don’t know what caused it.

It seems that the answer is no.
I got this warning when generating bam by blend2bam.
“WARNING: More than one shader node tex image used for a texture. The resulting glTF sampler will behave like the first shader node tex image.”
Actually,I just did this.

And the result in pview is quite different from blender.

Hmm, that’s an odd warning, but I do think that blend2bam should be able to support normal maps just fine! The error must be caused by something else.

Please take this into account when trying to match the rendering result with Blender:

Well,It seems that Normal Map works fine.
The waring is because of this.

So,could anybody please tell me how to deal with it?

What is the issue precisely that you need help with? Are you having trouble with making the terrain transparent? If you don’t want to make the terrain transparent, why do you need to assign the alpha channel?

Thanks for your reply.
Well,actually I just got a texture with transparent and I am curious about it.
Because maybe I will use it later. :relieved:
I will open a new topic if you thought it should be.

On a sidenote, I would suggest making sure that you are using the latest version of Blender. It’s possible that the glTF exporter in Blender was later updated to add support for more material node combinations.

I’m using blender 3.3 LTS.
I don’t like old version software,haha~