How to make an inventory list using DirectGUI objects??


I really need some help for a game project we are doing at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

When you click a button I want an inventory list to pop-up.

I want each item in the inventory list to be represented with a header (OnscreenText), 3 icons/images (maybe represented as disabled DirectButton objects) each of which has a short OnscreenText on its right side.

I have been thinking of using a DirectDialog to show the inventory list when clicking the button, but it does not seem like you can choose where on the DirectDialog to put the buttons.

In the manual i just found the DirectFrame and it sounds like it can be used? But the manual does not give any examples on how to use the DirectFrame.

Maybe any of you people know how to add 3 DirectButton objects and 3 lines of OnscreenText to a DirectFrame object? And if several DirectFrame objects can be added to a DirectScrolledLists?

Or maybe it is more appropriate to use DirectScrolledFrame instead?