How to Make Actor Roll?

Hello everyone! I am asking how to make my panda actor roll something along the lines of this video
–> It doesn’t need to be complicated or as precise as shown in the video, I just want to crack at it.

EDIT: So I know how to do all the input stuff but right now I have no idea what to put inside the function to do the movement. Also, how would I make the animation for the panda when it is in mid-air?

Thank you!

You need to write code and create an animation.

Obviously, but could you walk me through it? That’s a pretty vague answer and will not help me in the slightest way possible. If you don’t actually want to help and just looking to mess around, then don’t even bother wasting your time but also especially my time.

The problem is that there is no other answer to your question. If you want to continue, do you have an animated model jump, roll, dodge?

It might help if you refined your question a little bit, since it is a little broad as-is. Which aspect are you struggling with? Is your question about how to create the animation, how to play it, or how to hook it up to player input, or…?

Alright sounds like a great idea I’ll make it more specific!

Yeah that’s true, there is no other way for people to help. Such as provide a list of objectives to complete the goal, provide sources, and maybe give a visualization of how it would look and feel like.

Nothing at all.

Thanks for your advice, your help is no longer needed!

I assume that you think this can be done through code, but this is done through a 3d editor, or rather animation. Next, you write animation control code.

yeah ok the animation is a whole part of the equation. How do I actually make it go up and the air and roll?

Animation can then be added later as it is not integral to the movement, you know what I mean.

This is a kind of jump, for which a is used ray to detect the surface, and play the desired animation.

Depending on the specifics of that game, both of those actions might just be part of the animation. (The “roll” part very likely is, I think, even if the “go up into the air” bit isn’t.)

You could, theoretically, implement a sort of roll in code–but it would likely look pretty awful.

Ah I see, so does that mean all I need is the animation? If that’s the case how do I start making the animation for the actor?

Thank you Thaumaturge🙏

Learning to animate models is a tutorial by itself, I think. If you’re using Blender, you might find tutorials available online! (I don’t have a link to one handy, I’m afraid.)

[edit] Depending on what you want the roll to achieve, you might want some logic-code attached to the action in order to make it do whatever it is that you want it to do. For example, if you’re making a game in the vein of Dark Souls, you might want to including a period of invulnerability.

Ah I see, maybe a little too advanced for me right now :frowning:

Anyways thanks for your help!

If you don’t feel ready to take on animation, perhaps look for models that already have animations amongst the “freeware model” sources that you were given in one of your previous threads. :slight_smile: