How to locate python package for panda3d on ubuntu

I successfully build panda3d from source on my docker right now, but if I want to use another python3 in my docker to build and not use my default python3, how to locate the specific python pakage? for example, for example if I want to use /bin/2.83/python/bin/python3.7m, what should I do?

I think you should just run using the version of Python you want to build against.

yes, i do /bin/2.83/python/bin/python3.7m makepanda/ --everything --no-x11 --no-gles --no-gles2 --wheel but it still shows WARNING: Could not locate thirdparty package python, excluding from build, and if I use pip3 install install .whl, it will show ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘panda3d.core’, is there anything I can do?