How to : Komodo edit

Hi i’m new here…

I have problem when to compile the python with komodo edit editor. can anyone solve my very basic problem, please?

We can’t solve it if we don’t know what the problem is :wink:
What’s the problem you’re having?

probably python path not right…

Following the instruction on the manual, but that just only use PYPE not Komodo.

first I make a folder that manual did

named it ‘’

and run, but I can’t see the main rendering window

an error message appear…

‘’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


Komodo Edit is a wonderful program, I’m glad you are using it. If you want to run your python script from the Komodo run dialogue here are the steps.

  1. Open the dialogue (ctrl+r)
  2. Click on the more button and change the start in: to the directory where you saved your .py file.
  3. in the run: box type: python

assuming panda has been installed properly you should see the render window. Another window of interest is the Command Output sub window that appears by default at the bottom of the Komodo main window. This shows you the output from your script, errors will appear here as well as anything you “print”

One last thing, the run function in Komodo is exactly the same going (on windows) start -> run -> and typing python “absolute path to your python file”

I find it easier to use a command prompt window instead and running python files from Komodo. If you need help with that just post again.


Thanks, I have follow and run it. The program’s working… thanks a lot

Komodo looks better editor I assume :wink:


rninne, did you mean to tell me that Komodo doesn’t have 1 button run ?
It seems very very strange for a huge editor like that. I better stick to my own IDE. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

They are not talking about Komodo, but Komodo edit, which is the open source free version.

I don’t know about Komodo, but I’m using Komodo Edit and it’s very customizable. Komodo edit does have one button run, you just have to set it up. This is what I am using right now:

-Open run command from tools, or press ctrl+r

-Set Run to:

python "%f" 

-Press the MORE button and in the advanced options, Set Start in:


-Check save advanced options as default


Now, every time you press ctrl+r, then enter, whatever you have opened will be loaded with python.

Of course, you can simplify this even further by creating a new toolbar, or adding this button to a custom toolbar you have already made.

To do this, go to toolbox > add > new command. Now, insert the same stuff as before (python %f in run, and %D in Start in). You can also set a shortcut by going into the keybindings tab at the top. Figure out what binding you want to use (I’m using Ctrl+P because it’s not used by anything else) and enter it into the New Key Sequence spot.

Press OK.

Now, toolbox > add > new custom toolbar. Pick a name. Drag the Run Command from earlier into this toolbar “folder”. You can put more commands into this toolbar as well.

If you ever need to access this side bar, just press the show/hide right pane button in the workspace toolbar. You should really get to know all of the different commands, toolbox options, and komodo edit in general because even though it seems tedious at first, once you get used to it you can do a lot of very interesting things. (i.e. Saving code you use a lot, making a reference that you can insert code from, etc.) Also, I just did this over again so that I could give proper instructions, and it doesn’t even take 10 seconds to do it. Well, that is if you know what you’re doing lol.

Good luck with komodo edit. It’s a very helpful tool.

EDIT: Fixed a small mistake that jo pointed out.

is it possible to view how many polygons that my model load up with Panda and then store the number (of polygons) automatically into database?

look for Performance Diagnostics in panda3d manual
and python mysql in google

last but not least dont double post

:stuck_out_tongue: I use cmd.exe or a bash terminal (depending on my os at the time) to run my python stuff.

I use Komodo because it is better than notepad.exe

and it does every thing from ActionScript to YAML.

Everyone has their preference, mine is a stinking great big lizard ( ).


kayn, does this work all the time : python %f
If there are some whitespaces in the path and/or the name, it won’t work, at least not on Win. It should be : python “%f”.

The weird things are :

  1. completion : the description is not displayed upon navigating through the list.
  2. completion (Python) : it only recognises “self” as the only term for an instance.
  3. no line(s) movement possible. It only swaps/transposes exactly the same 2 adjacent lines. PSPad is even worse, if I have some lines selected, those lines would be swapped upside-down. Is there any parser on earth which work upside-down ? :laughing: :laughing:
  4. no line fast duplication
    Those are some important features I use most of the time, and they’re missing. Probably I would find more things as I sweep, but I have lost my mood to continue.

The embryo of my P3D IDE is there :

Heh, that IDE is pretty interesting. And sorry about that little mistake, I actually know about it but I failed to remember when I posted. You are correct, as usual. Btw, are you sure it only recognizes self, because I thought I tested that when I first used it (I normally use self so I can’t be sure).

Komodo edit is pretty nice, but I have to say the actual Komodo is much better. . In the official komodo all you have to do is press run, and it is runs… at least for me. I only code in python nowadays so I have everything set to python, and when I press that run button (not sure about the name or whatever, since I use a custom one that I made) it just runs.

Not sure the original poster really cares about all that, since his question was just about komodo edit.


it only works occasionally, so I have to force it using Ctrl-J (sometimes more than once), otherwise it may spit “syntax error” or “error determining completions”. So I categorize it as “doesn’t work as I had in mind”.