How to keep texture proprotions?

Hello everyone, i have a object that i change its proportion in runtime, but i need to keep the original texture proportion, can someone help me?

If the object is a complex one, then this may be complicated. However, if it’s something straightforward–a flat quad/card, for example–then it’s fairly straightforward, I believe.

The basic idea is the scale (and possibly offset) the texture-coordinates of the object. This effectively scales (and possibly offsets) the texture on the surface of the object. (But note: scaling the texture-coordinates down causes them to occupy less space on the texture, resulting in the texture appearing to scale up, to be magnified.)

If I’m not much mistaken, if your object is reduced to half-scale, and you want the texture to remain at the same size, you would reduce the texture-coordinates to half-scale, too.

A fuller explanation, including mention of the relevant methods, can be had on this manual page, I believe.

It gracefully works, the way i want to. Thank you so much. :grin:

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