How to install on Ubuntu Oneiric.

Hi all, I’d like to try out panda3D. I’m a bit confused on how to install in Ubuntu 11.10.

I followed the instructions here: … orm=ubuntu

However, when I do ‘sudo apt-get update’ I receive the error:

W: Failed to fetch … ce/Sources 404 Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

But when I do ‘sudo apt-cache search panda’, I see:
panda3d-runtime - Runtime binary and browser plugin for the Panda3D Game Engine
panda3d1.8 - The Panda3D free 3D engine SDK

If I wanted to develop a game with panda3d (using python), which would I choose? And is there a correct link to the sources file that I need?

Hi, welcome to the forums! It is normal: sources aren’t provided by that repository - you’ll find binaries there ( ).

You have to use both.

If you need sources (NB they aren’t needed to try Panda3D), you can download them from the sdk page.

You must have accidentally added a “deb-src” line instead of just a “deb” line.