How to import .obj files into the latest panda3d

Hello everyone,
I realize that this issue has been already previously discussed, but I’ve been trying to get my .obj models to work in panda3d without any success for a while now, could anyone please help me out?
I’ve already tried adding load-file-type p3assimp to my config.prc file, and it still won’t work (maybe I skipped a step?)

It depends on what you mean by the word does not work. It is not clear from your post what exactly is not working. Perhaps you just need to specify a file with an extension…

I’ll admit, I’m a complete idiot, but I’m getting this error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Desktop\”, line 74, in
app = MyApp()
File “C:\Desktop\”, line 27, in init = self.loader.load_model(r"C:\Desktop\simple_house\house.obj")
File “C:\Panda3D-1.10.14-x64\direct\showbase\”, line 308, in loadModel
raise IOError(message)
OSError: Could not load model file(s): [‘C:\Desktop\simple_house\house.obj’]

Ah, you need to specify the path to the model in Unix format.


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it works, god bless you, I can’t believe I spent so many hours of my life over something so incredibly stupid. Thanks for your help.