How to import Blender to Panda

I have google searched that if you want to import a blender file to panda that its normally done as an .egg file. To do this you usually use Chicken to export it.

Chicken isn’t available for newer versions of blender. The last compatible version of blender for chicken was 2.49, and blender is currently up to version 2.60.

how do you guys/gals import from blender?

Are you just using an older version of blender?

Is there a different program that can create .eggs for new versions of blender?

Any help on this subject would be very appreciated.


Either use Blender 2.49 for Chicken (which has a nice UI/instructions)

Or use a newer version of Blender and use this, script, I emphasize script as it’s less user-friendly than Chicken, however it still supports basically everything, animations, materials/normal maps, etc…

Hope this helps,

thanks a lot!