How to implent the deffered shading in a short version?

As I’ve seen in the fireflies sample, it’s not hard, but it takes some time to set-up.

So is there any way how to shorten it just to something like “base.DefferedShading(on=True)”?

Like writing the set-up in another file and putting it into Panda3d’s direct folder and then use it in every projectjust by putting only one line?

Can I do it on my own? Then how?

That’s already 4 questions but I find it clear.

-Your Mešča

bumpity bumpity bump.

still waiting for response :exclamation:

I didn’t do this myself, as I don’t need deferred shading, but I’m pretty sure most of the math and the code could possibly be setup in that manner, though I think you will have to do it yourself until someone merges it within panda3d. You could def a function that does most of what that code does, so then it is suddenly a one liner for you. If it works well, post it on the forums and someone probably will get it into panda3d directly.

I was talking about if would have to recompile panda for that.

Not if you write it in Python.