How to I convert fbx to Bam?

Are there any free programs that would allow me to convert my models/animated models to let’s say from FBX to Bam?

There are several ways I can think of:

(1) Use the assimp loader from an experimental version of Panda to load the .fbx file, then write it to .bam via writeBamFile. This is the most direct route.
(2) Load it into Blender, and then export it to .bam via the Panda3D Bam Exporter. This may not support some features such as animation very well.
(3) Load it into Blender, then export it to .bam via BlenderPanda.
(4) Load it into Blender, then export it to .egg via YABEE, then convert that to .bam via egg2bam.

Thanks rdb, I also discovered that I could use Direct X. Thus, I used a program called Mixamo to make my characters, converted the FBX file to an earlier 2009 version of FBX via a programmed called “AutoDesk FBX Converter,” loaded my animations or meshes into a program called “Fragmotion;” I exported my meshes/animation as a .x (Direct X) file from Fragmotion and I loaded the file into Panda3d and it worked.

Oh and for reference, the above steps works for A LOT of game engines and game development tools. It’s just a matter of using Fragmotion to change the file extension name to work with whatever game development tool that is being used whether the file extensions has to be changed to .b3d, .x, .obj, .fbx, etc.