How to get rid of all other display regions and outputs?

How do I remove all other outputs from the rendering pipeline after I created a new one with base.graphicsEngine.make_output? The same question is about display regions: I’m creating a new display region and want all other display regions to be disposed, so that GPU resoures are not wasted on rendering frames in those regions.

You should call base.graphicsEngine.remove_window(output) to remove a previous output, or remove_all_windows(). Despite the name, it applies to offscreen buffers as well as windows.

To remove display regions, you can call GraphicsOutput.remove_display_region(region) or GraphicsOutput.remove_all_display_regions() (note that the default display region, created with the output, is never removed).

You could also make a display region inactive to prevent the associated camera from rendering into it: = False

After I call base.graphicsEngine.remove_window( I can no longer obtain the rendered frame from the output that I create prior to that call with base.graphicsEngine.make_output. What could be the problem?

When you call remove_window, I think the buffer is closed altogether. If you want to deactivate it prior to removing it, but allowing you to still access the contents, you can put .set_active(False).